Monday, February 1, 2010

Yay! Another Blog!!

"We Fight Robots"

I was looking for a place to post up the comics I create of my two kids, and I was reading the exceptional comic series, ATOMIC ROBO on the weekend when it came to me:
There are two of them = "WE"
They often are attacked by robots in the comics I make = "robots"
They sort-of fight back = "fight"


Most of the comics here will feature my two kids, Mariah and Jack, but not all of them will feature robots...that you can see, that is. I make regular comics for the kid's lunch cans, I make t shirts for them, and I doodle them doing stuff. This blog will have it all.

There is a good chance that no one but my own kids and nephews will ever see this site...which is okay since it will take the pressure off the whole being grammatically correct thing.

Here's the cast:

Also, check out my regular sites:

See you next time for some evil robot goodness.

Scott T

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